My long-term goal is to launch a social enterprise journalism academy for 16-24 year olds in London. The aim is to equip a lost generation with the tools to make their point, shape opinion and forge careers in media. Through select projects I also hope to provide students with a basic wage to help them on their way and opportunities to develop their career post-academy. 

Why now?

·     Youth unemployment continues to be an issue (17% of 16-24s– 733,000 – unemployed although that figure is down 5.3% on the previous year)

·     Tuition fees in excess of £9,000 make higher education prohibitively expensive for low-income families

·      Government spending on education fell by 13.4% between 2011 and 2014-2015 according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies (the fastest fall in any four-year period since the 1950s)

·       Apprenticeships undertaken by under-19s between 2009 and 2013 are down by 5,000 while the proportion of those receiving minimal wage rose by 45% (Labour Party’s ‘Young People & the Arts report in 2013)

·      The Government has slashed local authority funding for youth services by at least £60 million between 2012 and 2014 according to UNISON. This resulted in the loss of around 350 youth centres and 35,000 fewer hours of outreach work by youth workers. The result? Revolt and destruction on the streets as seen in 2011 in hard-hit boroughs such as Haringey

·      The speed and volume of information skimmed on the go, on small screens, threatens our ability to reason and think critically. Harder to see beyond the headline, the tweet

·      Post-phone hacking, the profession is under fire. We’re told that everyone’s a reporter and publisher these days but who can you trust? 

If you are interested in mastering journalism through different media, have experience of tutoring/mentoring in a related field or feel you can make a contribution to this project in some other way then please get in touch. Email me at or click on the contact button, top right.

Let's build.