Music is our weapon

by Amar Patel

A bumper birthday selection full of moods, grooves, rhythms and sounds, compiled and blended by yours truly. No mic interface, just trax.

This is fortified with love, wisdom and understanding – all those precious things we need, particularly in these challenging times. Divisions and hostility abound. As Prince says in the mix, "To counter that we're gonna have to talk to one another. And music was one of the ways we used to do that."

RIP The Purple One (giving thanks every day)
RIP Bernie Worrell (an unfathomable genius)
Labels circulating that good stuff
Musicians making it mean something

Catch me and the Soul Labels collective at Total Refreshment Centre on 20 August for an Africa special where we explore the history and future of the Motherland through live music, film, workshop and discussion. Blackman Akeeb Kareem, a Nigerian musician and master songwriter who features in this mix, will be performing with the house band. I'll be chairing a panel discussion about how Africa can, and should, profit from its immense archive.

Check the bill and book tickets here:

Stay close,


Amar Patel